The circuit works fine — thanks for the info. How many volts can support an automotive coil? I wanted to add one more thing. I just need to be able to attain these high voltages in a hand held configuration to experiment at this point. DB You need to adequately control the back e. Notify me of new comments via email. The audio signal would dynamicaly alter the resistance of the transistor so that the power level of the drive frequency becomes proportional to the audio input.

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Start on a very low volume to test things out.

A capacitor has an associated time constant which means it will take a finite amount of time to charge or discharge. This would mean it does not normally conduct i. Such arrangement only allows operation at constant duty cycle regardless of the output load. Essentially both plugs and the secondary winding is in series. These sorts of intermittent or partial faults are caused by exessive voltage or current surges in the circuit.

DIY Homemade Ignition Coil Driver – RMCybernetics

There appear to be many kinds of coils and I was told that certain types do not work well with the solid state driver circuits….

They have the advantage of a fairly fast turn on, and auto turn off when the polarity reverses and current drops to zero. If mechanical switch is replaced by a silicon one, such as a MOSFET, snubber is still required; otherwise the voltage would again rise very quickly over the switch breakdown rating and energy would be lost as heat.


You can prevent this from happening by placing a current limiting resistor in series with each transistor. By using our site, you acknowledge iignition you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It should still work noticeably.

Der strom, It is not likely to help unless you just make brief pulses at a very low frequency. I looked thouroughly the schem of HV Coil Driver with one coil. To ignitikn out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It could be anything!

However sparks are very small — around 2 mm. Thanks for the reply.

NE ignition coil driver | Marko’s science site.

When the two sides meet, a conductive channel of air will exist between the electrode allowing more current to flow. I couldnt really suggest what the best type to use is. Therefore if the modulation input voltage is varying with time, the output power of the ignition coil at the HF drive frequency will vary with it.

When the timer drops the voltage to zero volts, the coil sends high voltage from the negative side of the coil terminal to ground. The hot one is probably partly damaged and not switching on fully. For use as a HV power supply this needs to happen rapidly over and over.

I am curious, most of the designs I have found for driving ignition coils put the coil on the positive supply rail and the switching device in its path to ground. This site is awesome. Its all too easy to blow your low voltage components when driving ignition coils unfortunatley.


DIY Ignition Coil Driver

The parts list is all there. Each coil will have a different resonant frequecy at which it works best.

Notice that stray spark catching the other corner of the metal can. In practice, the spark path also depends on the temperature, humidity, wind draft and other properties of certain spots in the air. I have question in my mind which is in inductionthat is, what are the factors that rise the output voltage of the coil to become grater ciil the voltage of the DC source supply when switching off the R-L circuit? Thanks for the help.

I am coip only one ignition coil. Is it possible for me to still use the flywheel mounted in the engine and the transformer in it too but re-winding the transformer so that i have the necessary output voltage to drive this circuit throught the -input signal-? These pulses that are applied to the primary coil are magnified and the resultant voltage appearing from the secondary coil can be very high.

It seemed to work pretty well, except the output was not very hot.