While I did the majority of my listening with the tubed output in the circuit, I did spend some time with the solid-state output option. For listeners who might desire a bigger, rounder, more traditional sound from the tubed stage, tube rolling should yield the desired results. Still, the potential of a tube roll gives owners something extra to play with after the novelty of newness wears off. The Audio-gd is the darker olive oil, the MiniMax extra virgin and lighter. Of course, ambience is not the only thing the Mini does extraordinarily well. The global economy has tanked, Krell became Chinese owned, Audio Research sold to an Italian investment conglomerate. Well, I lobbed a Seimens in there things changed quite a bit from the Shuguang, but the difference between the solid state and tube sides was still not night and day.

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Eastern Electric Minimax Dac with V6 Classic Opamp

Therefore, all of my reported listening impressions were made using my Mini, along with the excellent Channel D Pure Music engine running in cahoots with iTunes. Then think thin, streaky, puny Stratus clouds; those are older or cheaper DACs.

The Wyred4Sound is more tonally dense — but only just. Both threw a decently wide and deep soundstage. If the unit is on, the tube is on. Using an adapter to allow for the coax connection, I hooked up the Audio Alchemy to the Eastern Electric DAC and literally had to hold on tight to keep from falling as dwc took me for a ride into the age of modern DACs.

The Eastern Electric MiniMax is truly e x p a n s i v e of soundstage. And yeah, I’m still talking about regular CD’s.


Output-wise, there is but one set of single-ended RCA jacks; balanced outs are not an option at this point. Reverb is also something at which analogue excels.

One would expect and hope that more money does buy higher performance.

After talking for a few minutes, it was if I’d known the guy for years. The difference was miniscule, at least with the CD that was playing. Having said that, what I heard was pretty much exactly what both guys described! The results, are stunning realism presented in vocals, wood bodied and brass instruments.

Another design choice that I really agree with is the absence of upsampling. In those terms, this represents more or less state of the art high-resolution playback for peanuts. In certain well-executed recordings, I could close my eyes and essentially visualize the physical space in which a recording was made. Imagine minimsx solo saxophone playing in the center of the soundstage.

Eastern Electric Minimax Dac discrete opamp upgrade by Philippe G.

I left the tube output on for the rest of my listening period. This netted a wish list for an affordable high-performance DAC as a component category that’s wildly popular for obvious reasons.

One of the Head-fier gets their hands on the latest V5 SS opamp minimaax he modded his Minimax with it and this is his project: It bests my much-loved TeraDak Chameleon for detail and dynamics. I expect that from vinyl playback; I never expected to hear it in my home on CD.

While this solution is well characterized and plays well with native drivers, it is by no means as state-of-the-art as the rest of the processing hardware in the DAC. You don’t even have to open the case to change tubes, just pluck it right out the back.


Specifically, it always threw a huge lateral soundstage with lots of depth. I listened to each album in its entirety as I base my impressions on my emotional attachment to the minkmax, how easily I can goosebumps and how easily I can get to a place where the music just flows over me in waves rather than having to actively listen and analyse.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod – Burson Audio

The Audio-gd is the darker olive oil, the MiniMax extra virgin and lighter. A good analogy would be an image in a photograph taken just out of focus. That was followed with Nakagawa playing the tune for me on flute. Linda and I ended up listening to it for four hours that night; that miniax happens.

minimwx Taking the pulse on what his customers wanted in a new product, Bill solicited online forum opinion. A few days later, the new Qsonix arrived with its upgraded Wadia digital circuitry.

I have some very good DACs here, but none seem to have quite the level of refinement of the EE, and I’m finding that I need that minmax my system. Good orchestral recordings emphasize these strengths quite well. Hmmmm might have to try the capacitor bypass and also change out the cheapo power supply capacitors!!