Bro,I also use RL RT chipset adapter and i also face that problem when i used it for a long time. Thanks in advance to who can help me This small difference, however, could add up to a more significant advantage when paired with a directional antenna. There are always good things and bad things in drivers , there is not perfect driver yet that can do it all and don’t cause any issue. September 07, ,

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September 07, I’m using kali linux now, but I tried before with BT5 R3. A successful “pwn” of a network, means that the adapter is in fact capable of it. It supports monitor mode, picked up networks, and performed moderately reliable packet injection. Thanks for writing such a great article. The 36NH does support monitor mode and has an impressive range, with APs picked up during my first test.

However, if you need more information about choosing a wireless adapter for hacking or about your best options for a wireless adapterthen might I suggest following those links and giving my fellow Null Byte contributors’ articles a quick study. When moved away from the base testing AP, the signal lost significant power. Its signal strength was also the lowest performing, completely dropping signal at about 70—80 feet from the base AP.


Check if rf kill is enabled using rfkill.

Alfa AWUS036NEH Free Driver Download

To test for monitor mode and range, I simply ran a Kismet scan. This should help you determine which adapter is right for your own hacking needs. However, some users have reported that awus036ndh cannot. This is your data?

Starting off can be a tad intimidating, but don’t be discouraged, we’re here to help! In case you’re still unsure, the most important questions to keep in mind are:. I can’t even believe you suggest buying this card since it needs to have visual contact with the router.

Does it support others and if so will it benefit for long range scanning? Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. It’s working aaus036neh with kernel 3. It’s important to keep in mind what’s between you and an AP you may be targeting. Range and signal strength testing were performed in an apartment complex with a relatively busy wireless environment, running each adapter continuously for 10 minutes.

Choosing a wireless adapter for your hacking needs comes down to several factors. This will solve ur problem.


Directory listing of [1] WiFi USB adapter/AWUSNEH/Linux

Once again, this adapters signal strength at extended range was also comparable to the NHA. For packet injection, I ran Aireplay-ng packet injection tests. U should be reject the adapter and then put it in.

Please login or register. Can confirm the Panda with RT chipset is capable of packet injection.

Ejecting and reinstalling etc doesn’t help dalyzeka. This seems like the future. Its range isn’t as far —only about APs were detected in my first test. Exactly the awjs036neh problem here as Maurom has. There are plenty of tutorials here on Null Byte on how to hack wifi networks Having owned this Alfa myself, I can attest to its strength when placed somewhere with a clear line of sight.

Thanks for the info! Then, I ran Airodump-ng scans to measure the signal strength between each adapter and a fixed test AP as I moved my adapter setup away from it.