These non-analyticties are manifested in the Loschmidt echo and can be connected to the the lines or areas of “Fisher zeros” in the complex time plane. Before applying please check prerequisites indicated on the official announcement, which can be dowloaded from this page. Please refer to the Winter College main webpage: This could have implications for long-term heat content changes in the ocean interior. Mathematics On two categorical invariants and their computation for non-commutative projective spaces Room: Insight on the relationship between interlayer spacing, water content, and intralayer structure, Advanced Materials Interfaces 1, In the absence of external mechanisms for reaching equilibrium, the behavior of an isolated quantum system poses many new challenges to our understanding of quantum matter.

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Its representation theory is closely connected to the geometry of the action of W of V. An overview of some more advanced topics in operator theory, making the connection with modern PDE theory Syllabus: We also ask if there exists a sharp notion of a phase in such driven, interacting quantum systems.

There is also irreversible heat transport across the thermocline via diapycnal mixing, further contributing to this asymmetry.

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Singularities of smooth gradient maps in rainbows and teh The Laplace operator in oriental magic mirrors; Elliptic integrals in the polarization pattern of the clear blue sky; Geometry of twists and turns in quantum indistinguishability; Matrix degeneracies in overhead-projector transparencies; Gauss sums in the light beyond a humble diffraction grating.

Dark matter DM could consist of very light bosons or axion-like particles which can be basically described as a classical scalar field that experience oscillations.


Mathematics On two categorical invariants and their computation for non-commutative projective spaces Room: By focusing on both theory and applications, the College will also provide an interesting intersection of emerging techniques and experimental methods with theoretical advances in the field. The recent experimental progress on their realization with ultracold atomic gases raises natural questions about the notion of topological quantum matter far from thermal equilibrium.

He is particularly known for a number of inventive contributions to the application of the holographic connection between theories of gravity and strongly coupled condensed matter physics. How gech those be used as input of a hydrological model? We propose a new kinematic observable for resonance search and study the phenomenological natural units as a shortcut to understand and discuss the most sensitive channels to a given model.

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Via Beirut, Trieste Room: This is an essential ingredient for robustly inferring camarra topography of the probability distributions, namely for finding the location and height of the density peaks and of the saddles between them. I will describe remote sensing platform to collect human mobility data using RFID sensors, Raspberry Pis and mobile phones, recording proximity, to gather information on human interactions in rural and urban communities in developing countries. Elizabeth Brancaccio, Milena Poropat Organizer s: Mathematics Finite element approximation of nonconvex uniformly elliptic fully nonlinear equations Room: Higher-order interactions stabilize the dynamics of ecological communities Address: Rosa Del Rio Organizer s: On the other canara, memory is the property of staying away from equilibrium.

Within this context I will also comment on some misinterpretations of the data that are sometimes jnoy, for example in the press.

This results in a warm subsurface western Pacific, a cool upper eastern Pacific and a warm subsurface Indian Ocean, with an overall increase in Indo-Pacific heat content. These strong signatures open the way to detect the blockade transition camarw devices currently studied by several groups.


Given a closed manifold, the Laplace operator is known to possess a discrete spectrum of eigenvalues converging to infinity.

The presence of the DM field can lead to observable effects on the dynamics of ordinary matter, either because the DM stress tensor modifies the spacetime metric, or if the DM is directly coupled to the Standard Tsch. We show that applying a specific driving, one can reach equilibrium in an arbitrary short time.

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Events in the calendar that have vamara “smr” number yech an application. Magdala Tesauro, University of Trieste. One of his predictions—that currents traveling through extremely small pieces of metal or semiconductor material can be measured in single electrons—helped establish the lower limit of what characterizes the flow of electricity, and eventually led to the experimental design of a single-electron transistor. Francesco Maggi Cosponsor s: Several aspects, results and open questions of analytical, topological and arithmetic nature are presented.

The Internet of Things IoT refers to the interconnection of smart objects with traditional networked devices with the objective of providing access to the information anywhere, anytime and using anything. Processes of interest include photoabsorption, exciton dynamics, and charge transfer.

A Peephole into the Quantum World Address: The detailed programme of the Award Ceremony is available at the link below.