What did I do? Most of us don’t have the technical knowledge, because we weren’t trained in monitor repair or similar electronics repair. The link I gave you shows the adapter that allowed me to fix my monitor. This monitor IS a Trinitron this time, and most likely it lost sync. Next fill the bullseye with Show all hardware.

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As stated by mrfixit, the Windas link in the FAQ p92 no longer valid. I had soldered just times before and was a bit afraid not to screw up, but it took me only min to do it. And looked at all the options However, since I lack the circuit schematics, I had to try around.

It would be very good to get some more experience from people telling us which direction of data flow worked for them while NOT using terms like RX and TX which are so easy to confuse. I cannot help you with the “Run-As Administrator” issue.

I carefully dug it out and twiddled, but this adjustment did not affect the brightness visya, only picture size as far as I could see. Does anyone have a valid mirror available?

Dell P992 CRT Monitor

However, it doesn’t seem to do it correctly at first. Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection.


I make the RLC cable and the pinout I show there worked fine for my Sony monitor, and has worked for many others, but the diagram at http: Jun edited Jun Dell P Service Manual 10 pages. If you want to use the domain administrator account, type the name of the domain in the Domain box. May edited May Like everyone else over here, I’ve had the same over bright monitor problems on a Sony E that was just sitting about unused.

Dell P CRT Monitor | eBay

I smash them right on the glass and cleanup vusta a tissue. Reading up on these things, the RXD should always be connected to the TXD it makes sense that info you transmit to the monitor should be received by it, and info it transmits back you should receive.

After reading all of the pages i finally took some courage to go for the fix. Part of the problem is that RX and TX only make sense if you include the direction.

Dell P992 Manuals

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I had a loose connection on the 4 prong header of the monitor and I got the same message.

This one was a little pricier but looks more solid. What are your favorite holiday food and beverages? Thus, we can’t blame the maker of the device, really, because we need it for a niche purpose on a very specific piece of hardware.


Note about Edit following on from what Paramedic said: A great tip for the soldering is that the R is bridged with the “empty” spot just above it, below the R All times are GMT. I just highlighted it, and told the program to open it.

Use the “Insert” key on the keyboard to overwrite the existing G2 value, rather than use the “Delete” key. I do agree that a different adapter be used to eliminate any further difficulties or risk to your monitor. I don’t know what exactly is the case, but I wish there was a way to find out for sure.

Thus, you may pay extra for overseas shipping, but it would be a small charge. The ECS device you purchased is made exactly to specifications. For me, using the “Insert” key helped quite a bit.

I am the only user on my XP machine, so I always use my single account, which already has “Administrator” privileges.