To remove the ribbon cartridge, press the ribbon release levers q located on the sides of the cartridge and carefully lift the cartridge out of the printer. If you cannot resolve a problem, contact your dealer. For continuous forms paper, the page where printing stopped and the page where printing resumes may be incorrectly printed. Make sure that the tractor unit is correctly installed and that the tractor shaft gear engages the platen shaft gear. For example, electrical signals are transferred between the computer and printer over an interface cable.

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If using the push-tractor feed mode: The printer substracts the offset 3F hexadecimal from the received code, assigning each of the remaining loworder six bits to a grid position: After that, the paper source follows the setting of the paper select lever.

Digital LA30W Cartridges

If printing is messy, the ribbon misfeeds, or the paper jams, move the lever one position higher. Experienced users can digjtal some of the details, using the table of contents and chapter introductions to locate specific information. It is written for both new and experienced printer users. Print guide to indicate the print line Rear View Before you contact your dealer for help, check the list of problems and solutions provided in this chapter. This djgital describes only the removal of the old ribbon cartridge.


The length of the parallel interface cable must be 3 meters 10 feet or less. User Preference User Preference: Note that some character sets, even if they have the same character set name, may not have certain characters or symbols, depending on the resident fonts selected. Set-Up mode is also inaccessible. No password – Store message. Ejecting Single Ditital If you print using software, each sheet is ejected automatically upon the completion of the page printing.

Turn off the printer and remove the jammed paper. This selection is permanently retained in the printer. Resume printing after paper-out Off Not printing On Load paper.

Digital LA30W

Graphics Printing Controlling the print head wires dots individually to produce a picture or an image on the page. Once you are familiar with the Set-Up mode, you may want to use the flowchart at digiatl end of this chapter for quick reference.

This condition applies when you first use the printer. A line feed is added to each carriage return. If you intend to change a value which would be out of the permitted physical range, the actual current value will be the highest possible value considering other Set-Up dependent values and may not match the value displayed.


However, paper produces small particles that accumulate inside the printer.

Digital LA30W User guide |

However, some values must be selected correctly for the printer to work properly with your hardware and software. You can perform all SetUp operations by using buttons on the control panel in the following order: Entering the Set-Up Mode To adjust the line position of the paper in the Set-Up mode, use the platen knob. If such control sequences are not detected in the data string received, the printer may fail to determine the proper protocol, providing an unexpected result.

Power connector to connect the printer to the power supply The printer stops printing and lights the Fault indicator.

Digital LA30W Cartridges

For details, see the table at the end of this appendix. Low signal occurs when printer is de selected or an error condition exists. The fan-folded sheets are separated by tearing them at their perforations. Enter the Set-Up mode and follow these steps: