Thanks again for the help. FP7 smart dimensions of AC -style look , you can customize the color of the ring lights color and button lights , you can customize the panel color they like. As for IIDX 7k: The fluency that you choose songs on PC. I did green keys with a white TT, and I don’t know if I’m sold on it anymore. The major con is that to unlock a lot of the charts, you have to grind a bit for a point system called Bits and you unlock on a per chart basis not a per song basis.

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Components is the only difference from what I gather. The turntable can be activated via shorter moving distance. Bottom use magnetic djfaoyou can open bottom for maintenance without any tool.

DJ Dao FP7

If I don’t like it I might try and get into Infinitas then. With super high class turntable algorithm, when you rotate turntable back and forth, the judgements are all the same, and no any lag.

The springs djdqo cheap so I would buy both 60g and 20g and then the. Add to wish list. The FP7 can be configured with omrons and Sanwas. Submit a new link. Yeah, then LR2 is your best bet.


Big difference in cost. Yeah I never liked the EZ2DJ style anyways, what I meant to say here is vjdao arcade iidx is practically the only way I’ll ever be able to play the arcade version, otherwise I have to travel. This is the 20g pack of The PEE fits on my lap pretty well, but I don’t play with it on my lap normally.

Isn’t it too big? Submit a new text post.


FP7 smart dimensions of AC -style lookyou can customize the color of the ring lights color and button lightsyou can customize the panel color they like. Of course, my opinion is that you can’t jddao beat playing in the arcade. Orders Compare list My tags Wish list Track my order s Track my order s Anti-bot validation Type the characters you see in the picture above. I’m probably just gonna use LR2 instead of wasting money on a ps2 and a bunch of djjdao.

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Still plays as good as new changed switches a few times of course. Thanks for the explanation!

Love green, but the mismatch is fucking me up. Basically gear hitting the photoelectric switch will not happen, and there will not be “squeaky” noises. Well, first, download the hdd data from any iidx you can get it here https: Free shipping promotion only for USA is ongoing, limited stock. Never tried a PEE but I guess it’s good if you can fit it on your table. This is the 60g pack of 10 springs: The FP7 scratch is 21mm high, which is the same as AC. How do you recommend I practice 7k?


If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me!

Or use a PS2 emulator if your computer is fast enough. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It will lead to unknown mistake, if you increased the frequency artificially. The pee also comes with arcade specs, like Sanwas and 50g omrons. Probably will go for a silver one as well, feels like I’d regret going any of the colors lmao. Any recommendations on the setup I should use?