Or use the CLI as follows: Under Windows, it was only necessary to push the paper further in and press the blinking button to resume printing. With that said, let’s get to it! Try scanimage -L and read the backend’s manpage. Originally Posted by black hole sun.

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HOWTO: Lexmark Printers

I’ll puzzle it out at a later time. First, log in as root and download the drivers from http: Test everything out with the following command: Lexmark Printers Hello everyone. You can download them from here: I confirm this regression bug on Ubuntu Originally Posted by Spudgun.

Linnux the print queue settings, I recommend using automatic language determination i.

July 30th, 5. My brother has the same problem, upgraded to Natty fresh install and the scanner does not work anymore Using Kubuntu I don’t recall having to remove them on elxmark It cannot x1310 directly installed in any previous Ubuntu release, but you can build it from source from the files at: Lexmark Z on Debian Sarge without neither devfs nor udev — thank you very much Lexmark Z using devfs and udev Lexmark Z devfs – http: After all these attempts, I completely uninstalled xsane and sane-utils, trying to make a scan by using simple-scan package, unsuccessfully.


Gentoo Wiki Archives – Lexmark_Printers

It cannot be directly installed in any previous Ubuntu release, but you can build it from source from the files at:. Unfortunately Lexmark has only given you. Hello everyone and thanks for chipping in. I can confirm the bug on Ubuntu Oneiric with Lexmark X Lexmark multifunction printer does not work as scanner after upgrade to Natty Bug reported by Matteo Cacciola on Nominated for Precise by Rolf Leggewie.

LeoRochael leorochael wrote on Matteo Cacciola matteo-cacciola wrote on Mola smola on Lexmark Printers I found this for the z35 somewhere else on these forums. Originally Posted by black hole sun.

In the first screen, select your printer and click Forward.

Ashley Hooper ash-hooper wrote on Thanks to all for the useful info in this thread, Cheers! The workaround described by Ashley Hooper on 4 worked here.

It initialized and move the paper but that was it. Each time I tried, lexprint would say “Creating print queue Lexmark failed. Before upgrading, under Maverick, all functions of X worked correctly. Hopefully Xandros will eventually make a Debian installer for this driver, but until then this works pretty well Comment on this change optional.


Can you guys please test if “sudo scanimage -L” correctly identifies the printer and “scanimage -L” does not?