Just found a solution!!! Reply 11 of Jul 12, 6: So the mouse is going back and from some research I read on the Internet, it sounds like the Logitech MX mouse will work better, even if not supported. Thanks for the tip. Little message apperes below like “ChineseSymbols!

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If you’re desparate for more buttons and Intellipoint is a bust, you might want to try using GamePad Companion pref panel.

October 6, You will get a spinner. They work perfectly with no problems at all.

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Microsoff start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Nov 18, Posts: I just got one of these and while I can get it to work in a basic way I can not get any of the special features to work at all. Okay, I just picked up microsoft bluetooth mouse for my powerbook. Works great with my iBook. I think it’s something like the MX Revolution. A click on the wheel acts as a command click in Safari, but isn’t actually one doesn’t work in Finder or Dock.


The Microsoft mouse is not using a passkey to pair.

That little initial lag I experience as well. It does seem to me however that I was able to program the Intellimouse software to recognise the thumb buttons on the MS mouse as forward and backward. Reply 5 of I found this on the Apple support site: It’s not too small to be comfortably useable, but it is small enough to be quite portable.

The right click, really, only comes in handy for gaming, otherwise I don’t think I’d miss it all. You will now be able to click continue.

Will Microsoft’s IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth work with a Mac?

They have some nice bt mouses. If it doesn’t have to be bluetooth, get the Logitech MX The system preference pane that pops up doesn’t even have a spot to program them, it only shows the two main buttons and scroll wheel. Although there isn’t any written compatability statement anywhere to be found, it works quite well.


Are you using Panther Sun Jan 02, 3: Make BT devices search and find your mouse 3. The Microsoft mouse does feel big and bulky, but I like the ability to scroll at the mouse.

October 6, ezplorer I plugged the included module in once, and couldn’t get it to work.

Only 3 main buttons will be assignable. Software is Intellipoint Version 6.

microsoft intellimouse explorer for bluetoot… | Motorola Xoom

Sat Jan 01, I get to the point where the computer is telling me it’s working on pairing with the mouse, and just get the little spinning grey thing.

I am having a hard time finding a Bluetooth mouse.

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